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Porch aprons

Overthe years I have collected a lot of porch apron designs, especialy sawed ones.  When a  customer is considering installing a new porch apron I often take my mockups and actually place them on the porch to give the customer a choice as shown below.     When we were rehabbing the house next door I […]


162 Summit

162 Summit Elgin, IL After the crash President Obama initiated what he called the National Stabilization Program (NSP).  It gave money to cities to buy and rehabilitate foreclosed problem properties that were having such a negative impact on our neighborhoods.  The City of Elgin was awarded over two million dollars.  I was lucky enough to […]

132 N. Channing

For years 132 N. Channing was a two unit that was not nice enough to attract decent people. The Gifford Park Association uses the proceeds from its annual Historic Elgin House Tour  to purchase and rehab problem properties.  In 30 years, this was the fourth one they did. The home had asphalt siding on it […]

272 Division

According to Steve Stroud’s book There Used To Be  272 Division was built in ca 1875 for H. D. and Ida Barnes.  H.D. was an assistant manager of the Elgin Packing Company.  He owned the home until 1901 when it was sold to St. Joseph’s German Catholic Church for their rectory which it is still […]

DuPage Street condos

This building was built as three apartments and was later changed into six. It deteriorted badly and was attracting nasty  people as renters.   It origianlly had porches with roofs but was changed into just decks. An investor bought it and changed it into four very nice condo units attracting excellent owners.    Each unit […]

467 Division

Several years ago the City of Elgin bought this house for $140,000 as it was a bit of a problem property. It had asphalt siding on it. They offered it to our neighborhood organizaiton to rehab.  We had done four problem properties in the past but we felt this one was nice enough that it […]

806 W. Highland

When the current owners bought their house it had wide exposure aluminum siding  and the porch balustrade was missing. The owners have spent years getting the original details replaced. I made a mockup for a proposed porch balustrade.  I used two sizes of spindles to give them a choice. I did not make or install […]

530 S. Liberty

When the current owners purchased 530 S. Liberty they knew the porch posts were unusual and probably not original but they had no idea what would be appropriate for their home as shown below.   At the five year point of their ownership the Historicl Society was given old plan books from some prominent architects. […]

Our Back Porch

Our Back Porch This is our back porch when we bought the house in 1986.  Probably in the 20’s they enclosed the porch and stuccoed the building.  They moved the wall with the window on the left out five feet to enlarge the kitchen for one of five apartments.  The wall on the  right of […]

375 Prairie

When Bob and Beth Tierney bought 375 Prairie it needed a lot of work.  The porch was rotting off and the paint was peeling. They applied for and got a grant to rebuild the front porch. I made all of the pieces they needed matching the originals exactly – rails, balusters, apron frame, post bases, […]