A porch upgrade for 126 Hill

126 Hill was foreclosed upon. A flipper bought it for $60,000.

She was having a hard time finding contractors to do the work and asked me for some advice. While I was there I noticed the clear marks for a porch post  on  the front of the house. I asked her if I could recreate the missing elements and to her credit she agreed.

Luckily there was still a half post showing the exact dimensions of the post and what the crown and bracket used to look like.

A past owner took the post and brackets off and put in a very simple and unattractive balustrade and newels made of 2 X 4s.

I recreated a newel post and corner post with crown and brackets to match the existing.  I chose inexpensive turned balusters from Menard’s. The paint shown is primer.

Here it is with a new paint job.

The finial I made for the newel  is a scaled down version of the pendant on the brackets.

The side porch was poorly built of 2 X 4 ‘s.

It should have been torn off and rebuilt from scratch but the owner is on a tight budget.

I left the deck and roof and  just gussied it up a little bit with posts, brackets and turned balusters. There is a drop off so I added a fancy balustrade  at the top  and on the stairs as shown below.

Here it is painted