Porch aprons

Overthe years I have collected a lot of porch apron designs, especialy sawed ones.  When a  customer is considering installing a new porch apron I often take my mockups and actually place them on the porch to give the customer a choice as shown below.    

When we were rehabbing the house next door I did the same for my wife.  We had several onthe porch and actually asked neighbors for their opinions.  I often put different moldings on a mockup to show the customer   the choices as shown below.

Lattice is often appropriate.  Store bought lattice does not usually look good.  Lots of people just tack it onto the water table board.  If you are going to use lattice it has to have a frame and be set back a coupole of inches. The frame should be a little wider at the bottom than the top and sides.  I like to make my own lattice.  Store bought lattice make squares.  I like to make a little smaller diamonds.  I think it looks really classy.  Some moding and a routed cove on the edge add a lot also.

The apron designs that I have collected all come from actual old houses. The most famous one that I have is from a house that W. W. Abell designed at 327 W. Chicago.  Remaking it was very time consuming as it has overlapping joints.

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