Jean’s Hall Tree

The picture below is how our back porch looked in 1986 when we bought our house. The stucco had been added in the ’20s to modernize the home.

Here it is being torn off. The wall of what was originally a pantry was bumped out to make a bigger apartment kitchen. The sleeping porch had heat in it.

Below is a picture showing the porch after being rebuilt.  Marks left on the house dictated the size of the column and the capitol.  We knew we had brackets but did not have their design.  We chose an actual bracket from an old house.

We attended an event at the Dunham riding club in Wayne whose front porch is shown below.

Pat fell in love with the brackets on their porch and the fact that they are white.  We asked if we could trace one for a pattern, and they allowed us to do it.  I brought it home and made 14 to replace the brackets we had made several years ago for the back porch.  Here is how it looks with the new brackets painted white.


Those 14 red brackets have been sitting on a shelf for a decade.

My sister has a shop in Wisconsin where she sells furniture and some of her creations.  We thought we could give her the brackets for her to find a creative use for and sell.  My wife gave it a lot of thought and came up with a way to use the brackets as a type of hall tree to be hung on the wall.


My sister liked my wife’s idea, so I will make six more for her to sell. She will paint them.  The beadboard in the center is walnut salvaged from an old cabinet 30 years ago so that it might be stained and varnished for a nice contrast or painted the same as the rest of it.

The beadboard in the center can be replaced with a mirror, pictures,  or a chalkboard for messages.

Old doorknobs might be used instead of hooks as shown below.