Putting back missing porch elements at the Wing Mansion

The owners of the Wing mansion in Elgin ran across an old picture of their front porch showing details that were no longer there.  It is the half cross in the middle of the balustrade with the ball on top.   For some reason someone in the past took them all out.  The owners commissioned me to make new ones. Here they are ready to be delivered.  The cross pieces have a stop chamfer on them.  The plastic bag is full of half spheres to be applied,  Each vertical piece was cut with a V groove in the bottom to fit onto the bottom rail. The rail has a  beveled top to shed water.

The owner and his wife painted them before installation.

Here they are installed on the front porch:

Here are more on the back porch.

I made smaller ones for the second story porch.  I also made the little squares with a square hole in the center in the balustrade to match an old picture.

Here is the third sorry porch.

Here is the whole house: