An incredible transformation

In 1981 after many remuddlings over the years the house looked like this.

A friend bought it and slowly, over several years started to bring it back.

Here is how it looked after the aluminum siding and enclosed porch were taken off. Notice there are no arches on the second story porch.

It was sold in 2003 for $196,000 and was used as a halfway house for alcoholics and drug abusers.  The owner lost his federal funding so it was closed and foreclosed upon. Another friend bought it in 2012 for $91,800. It was his second rehabbing project in the Historic District so he had a lot of experience.  He went gangbusters and put a new kitchen in it, a new porch with spindles and had it painted.  A professional paint consultant chose the colors for him.  Here is how it looks today except there is now a balustrade on the porch steps which I helped install:

The owner had an old picture showing arches in the second story porch that were missing.


I made arches and frames for the arches for the porch.

Here is a picture of the arches I installed:


I also made a window for the basement that had been boarded up for decades.

The home was on the Elgin Historic Housewalk in 2016.  If you would like to see the booklet page to get some history on the house, click here.

It sold in 2018 for $232,000.  Click here if you would like to see the listing and interior pictures.


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