352 Prairie

352 Prairie has been an eyesore and problem property in our neighborhood for a long time.  It looked bad as seen at right and had a lot of police calls.  A flipper bought it and applied for downsizing and architectural rehabilitation grants from the city. He was set to get over $100,000 in grants to rehab the building. He gutted the interior, and tore off the aluminum siding and inappropriate porches. He  then realized he was in over his head and stopped work.  Soon after he got foreclosed upon. It sat as an empty eyesore for a few years. Another investor recently purchased the property and plans to live in half and rent the other. It has historically had two addresses one on Prairie and one on Chapel.


Here it is with the siding and porches off of the front.




The west side porches are shown on the left before they were taken off.





Here is the west side with new porches, new siding
and fresh paint.







Here are the brackets and corbels I made for the new west side porch.

Here is a close up view of the brackets and corbels installed.

Here is the finished porch.

Keep posted for the front porch to be remade.