Repairs at 414 N. Spring

This home was foreclosed upon and purchased by two flippers from Chicago for $78,400 in July of 2017. The porch had a lot of rotten parts that needed replacing and  I was hired to do that.


Some of the curved rails were rotten.  The previous contractor had done some good work but did not use treated lumber and the owner did not keep it painted and caulked. I made new rails.


Some of the spindles had rotted bottoms so I replaced them.


The curved rails on the knee walls had to be replaced.


I made new. The rails are old growth cypress and the spindles are oak, both of which have great rot resistance.  They were also treated with preservative.  The base is made from treated lumber.


The house was redone inside and painted on the outside. It is currently for sale for$249,000



Click here to see the listing with interior pictures and a slide show of interior pictures before the rehab.