Lamps from spindles

Here is a picture taken in 1981 of a house in our neighborhood.

The wrought iron rail and posts are not appropriate for the house so the owner decided to put in more appropriate spindles for the balustrades and posts for support.

He bought new spindles and installed them along with additional porch posts as seen below.


Even tho the spindles in the upper balustrade are spaced too closely together the owner had a lot left over.  He gave them to me and I gave them to an antique shop downtown to sell.  They sold a lot at $5 each and when they went out of business they gave me five back.  My sister has a shop in Wisconsin where she sells furniture and some of her creations.  I decided to make lamps out of the spindles to be sold in her shop. Getting a hole drilled down the center was a challenge but I solved it on the lathe.

Here are the lamps wired and ready for painting and a fancy shade.

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  1. Melissa Kulak
    Melissa Kulak says:

    I have a bit of an older home. It is from 1974. I have a mansard roof. It also has windows that do not seem to look right on the roof/mansard roof. It is a townhome, and I would like your suggestion about the windows and perhaps a way to make it look a little nicer-thanks.

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